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Don’t buy Bed sheets till you read this!

I bought these bed sheets and you won’t believe what happened. Keep calm and read on.

When it comes to your health and happiness, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. And to get good sleep, you need a bed that promotes restfulness, not disturbs it. It’s easy to overlook your bed’s key components, but the most important are the comfort, coolness, and cleanliness of your bed sheets! So, I compared bed sheets from the top online bedding companies to see which worked best for sleep. Surprisingly, the more expensive sheets were not the most sleep-friendly….

Doctors say that we get the deepest, healthiest sleep when our bodies are cool, comfortable, and able to breathe. There’s no denying that Egyptian cotton feels silky soft. But, science shows that cotton sheets hang on to moisture, cause allergies, and make you hot at night. They also cost a lot to produce, which makes them the most expensive option.

I came across a unique company called Cosy House Collection as an Amazon Best Seller. Reviews said they’ve been rattling the bedding industry with their luxury bed sheets that look and feel softer than Egyptian cotton, but without the high cost. The truth about inexpensive sheets (like the ones used by Cosy House) are still made of premium quality and even have advanced abilities that enhance our quality of sleep!

So, I ordered a set of sheets in hot pink, Queen size to see if they lived up to their reputation. The sheets arrived the next day after ordering and slid very easily on top of my deep-set mattress!

I was looking for ultra-softness, breath-ability, and coolness – and Cosy House Collection’s Microfiber 1500 Series bed sheets impressed me in all three ways! I put them in the washer and then put them on our bed later that night & I have to say after my first night sleeping on them, I woke up feeling fresh and relaxed, like I’d slept for days. During the night, I didn’t wake up once (which I usually do from night sweats). The sheets kept me nice and cool, but still cozy. And I noticed that Cosy House sheets stayed fresh and didn’t wrinkle one bit, even after a week of being slept in!

I can genuinely say that waking up feeling clean and well-rested starts me off on the right foot every day. Their website says that their sheets are designed to wick moisture to keep away bacteria and germs. My migraines and sinus problems have really cleared up, since I’m not breathing in allergens as I sleep. As someone who’s been sleeping on their sheets for the past month now, I’m confident saying that they’re hands down the best sheets I’ve ever put on my bed.

$47 is all it cost me for a four-piece set that completely improved my sleep, mood, and energy levels.

The only reason you shouldn’t try these sheets is if you hate soft things and want to spend an absurd amount of money.

The Cosy House website also notes these key features:

Stain & Wrinkle Resistant

Because their sheets are woven with advanced lab technology, they are designed to repel stains and wrinkles.

Cooling Yet Cozy

Their sheets are crafted to maintain your body temperature at a comfortable balance. So you’ll stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and feel fresh when you wake up all year long.

Moisture Wicking

What makes their sheets rare and unique is the added benefit of wicking moisture and preventing bacteria and dust mites from growing. This will keep your skin cooler and cleaner.

Durable Yet Soft

Their soft yet durable weaves make for long-lasting sheets that still allow the body to breathe. They also resist ripping, piling, and tearing.

Luxurious Look

Made from premium double-brushed microfiber, these sheets are designed to feel as luxuriously soft as Egyptian cotton and look just as sleek.

I was shocked….

They even appeared to get an incredibly good rating on Amazon too!


I wanted to know how exactly they could sell these elegant sheets for so cheap if they were such high quality, so I contacted Cosy House directly. The owners of Cosy House personally got back to me the same day! They said that they believe “getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t cost a fortune. It’s an essential part of life that keeps us alive and healthy. It’s our honor to give the gift of quality sleep to people at an affordable price”.

The sheets are designed/shipped from Clearwater, Florida by the company, themselves. Turns out, they’re a family-owned company who’s been creating top-shelf bedding for decades and only using Amazon and online stores to sell their products (which is how they cut down on costs)! Their customer service is truly impactful and you can tell that they’re putting the money into the quality of their products, instead of their pockets.

If you have trouble sleeping or your sheets could use an upgrade (which they most likely can), consider trying Cosy House! They offer beautiful colors in all sizes. I just ordered a second pair for my guest room and the whole site is 65% OFF! So head over to their site before they sell out!

EDITOR'S NOTE: They have a very limited supply currently and last time we published our exclusive deal they were sold out for over a month, so act fast. As of right now Sheets are IN STOCK. This offer is only guaranteed to be valid until end of day: Friday, August 6, 2021.

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  1. Jean

    how much are the damn sheets cuz no prices less anyplace.

  2. Joan Cronin

    I bought them and I don’t like the fitted sheet. The elastic is way too flimsy and the sheet keeps pulling away from the mattress.. They feel good but…. Who wants sheets that keep popping off the matress?

  3. Betty

    I have had the sheets on the bed for a week and haven’t slept this well for years. Don’t know how they do it, but so far I am very happy!

  4. Madelyn

    Love the sheets, but made with really cheap elastic! The bottom sheet doesn’t stay tucked around the mattress and every morning I have to remake the bed. Very annoying!

  5. mary mooney

    Looking for flannel sheets. Do you have them?

    • Customer Support

      Hello Mary,

      Unfortunately, at this time they don’t carry flannel.

  6. Marlene Ashburn

    Very pleased with our King-sized set. Bought 6months ago. Wash and dry nicely. Wrinkle resistant. No reason to spend twice or three times as much. Fitted sheet fits well. Certainly will consider when buying another set.

  7. Majorie malue

    This is the worst bedsheet I’ve bought . The fitted sheet doesn’t stay tug under the mattress because the elastic band doesn’t work. The fitted sheet doesn’t fit a queen size mattress when it is meant for a queen mattress. Will never be a return customer again.

  8. Sandy

    The elastic is not heavy enough to keep the fitted sheet on the bed!

    • Customer Support

      Hello Sandy,

      Have you reached out to Cosy House Customer Service? If not you can reach out to Support@cosyhousecollection.com or 1-877-219-3985 I know their customer service team will be looking forward to taking caring care of you!

  9. Edna Lozosky

    My burgany cozy sheets are the very best, I am so glad I ordered them thank you so much.

  10. Donna

    I can’t find what these are made of!

    • Customer Support

      1500 Series Bed Sheets: These sheets are made of 100% Double Brushed Microfiber.

      Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets: This line is made of 40% Bamboo and 60% Microfiber.

      Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets: This line is made of a high bamboo to microfiber blend, 60% Bamboo, and 40% Microfiber.

  11. Rebecca

    I got the deep set and they aren’t deep enough. Do they have deeper picket dheets

    • Customer Support

      Hello Rebecca,

      All of their fitted sheets are designed with deep pockets to fit a mattress up to 16 inches deep. They have an elastic band that runs completely around the fitted sheet to ensure the sheets stay on the bed.

  12. Nancy Cohee

    I bought my first set of cozyhouse sheets about 2 months ago. They fit my bed perfectly which requues deep pocket sheets, they are light weight, keep you cool, wrinkle free even after leaving in dryer for a while. They are beautiful and soft and don’t wrinkle even after sleeping on them fir a week. I just ordered 3 more sets plus a 2nd set of pillowcases for each which are xtra but worth it. I didn’t even get any fuzzing from my husband for ordering several more. He loves them as much as I do. Thank you CozyHouse for such a great product!!

  13. Robin Bi ens

    I love Cosy House Sheets. And I have now bought 3 sets of your sheets and love them. And I will continue to buy them. Thank you for having a great company.

  14. Robin Bivens

    I dearly love Cosy House Sheets. I do own 3 sets of your sheets. They are everything you say they are!

  15. I love these sheets. I now own 3 sets. And they are everything they say they are. And I will never buy any other companies.

  16. I now have 2 sets of the Cosy Sheets. I bought myself a pretty lavender set & a bright blue set for my husband(no we don’t sleep together any more, we both snore too loud). I have mine on my bed and my hubs has to wait until Christmas. I love mine. It’s great not to wake up all hot and sweaty with creased sheets under me. They are cool and smooth and such a perfect color. Thanks Cody for making sleep a pleasure again.😇

  17. Erin Feeny

    Love the sheets so much. Can never find a better price. Will never want to get out of bed lol.

    Have many sets for three beds. My man found on Amazon.

  18. Merilyn mcgee

    I got cal king and they are more than large enough for deep mattress. They were here within days. I always got best sheets I could. Giving them away and will only use these

  19. Candace

    I have four sets of these and I love them!!!

  20. Janine

    I love these sheets. I bought a second set and another for my cousin. She loved them so.much that she bought herself another then I bought a set of pillows. They are so great.

  21. Phyllis

    These are really the best of the best.
    Soft and comfortable, cool in summer warm in the winter.
    I tried only one set of these sheets and loved them. I purchased two more sets for myself and gave three more set for Christmas gifts to my friends. They called to say they love these sheets. Have thrown away the old sheet I had.

  22. Bonnie Davis

    I purchased a couple of sets of their sheets a while ago and will probably never buy any other sheets. They always look great. My husband doesn’t complain about being them being too hot.

  23. Diane

    Great sheets!! The best we’ve ever used!!
    Just ordered a second set!!

  24. Cheri

    I bought these for my girls (ages 31 and 27) for Christmas.. They both love them and one of them is very picky when it comes to touch.. They have already ordered second sets.

  25. Tecca Auxt

    I ordered these sheets and love them! They are so soft and don’t wrinkle. I loved the price and the color I chose as well!

  26. Iskra Revington

    I love these sheets. I have bought at least 6 sets last year and another 8/10 sets this year. I turned a friend on to these sheets and she lives in the Bahamas and she bought 7 sets and 5 sets of extra pillowcases. Loves the sheets as well. I love the choice of colours. So pretty and bright. Good fitting,soft,no wrinkles. They are the only sheets I am now buying for myself, my kids,and friends. Great job. Great quality and Thank you.

  27. Cheryl

    Best sheets ever. Hate to get out of bed.

  28. Kay Marshall

    I agree with everything said about these sheets, I have 3 sets now and will not buy another brand again!

  29. carole kahn

    I am ‘hooked’ on Cosy! I would do a commercial for this manufacturer for FREE…(and I’m a fussy person).

  30. Nancy Nichols

    I finally gave in and ordered Cosy House sheets and love them. They are so soft. I have slept better and longer. I will continue to buy them as long as they are available.

  31. Paulette S.

    Received my sheet sets in record time and I absolutely love them. I finally slept so well with these wonderfully cool and soft sheets… best ever !!

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