(Great Life Tips) — When we’re young, the main concern regarding our skin tends to be hiding pimples and experimenting with makeup. Teenagers roll their eyes at anti-aging concerns such as wrinkles, crowsfeet and blemishes. After all, that’s years away… or is it?

Our original idea was to write an extensive article about the top 5 skin care products in the industry and list the pros and cons of each product, hundreds of companies responded with samples of their products telling us how great their synthetic fragrances, parabens & sulfates are for your skin… Yuck! After 10 minutes of research we found just how careless and harmful these ingredients are for you and your skin!

Not wanting to be lab rats for these companies we decided to toss their samples and look for a better alternative. After countless caramel macchiato latte’s and the intern sleeping under her desk for the night we stumbled upon this cream “AloeInfusion”, intrigued we ordered the prestiege value pack (so we would have enough to see real results) and started the test!

The product came in a very discrete package, no over bedazzled tacky packaging trying to convince us it’s a better product because the box is shiny (ugh that’s really getting old). Right away we could tell this was a quality product, it had a very light scent of natural AloeVera, not that bitterly strong synthetic fragrances that we had to deal with opening the previous lab rat products.

The cream felt great and all the girls in the office quickly started spreading it around trying it out, I had to quickly grab it so I would have enough left for my two week test.

Days 1 – 3

First week went as expected, the cream absorbs into the skin very well, It didn’t feel slimy or sticky afterword’s which is very important to me. It felt like I was starting to see some improvement in my crowsfeet but I wasn’t sure if it was just me being hopeful or not.

Days 4 – 7

Ok, so I’m defiantly not crazy! I have confirmed that my crowsfeet and (embarrassing) wrinkles below my eyes and around my chin are getting noticeably… how do I put this, “smoothed out”.

Days 8 – 11

Girls in the office are now attempting to steal my AloeInfusion cream, I’ve had to lock it up in my desk while I’m away, I’ve gotten countless comments from friends in family telling me how great I look, most look puzzled because they cannot put their finger on what’s changed, it’s a weird phenomenon when someone you’ve known forever looks years younger!

Final Days 12 – 14

Well I have to say, I’m officially impressed. I never thought an Organic cream could deliver such powerful results, I don’t understand why other companies cram all these harmful ingredients in their products, the only logical explanation I can come up with is shaving every cent off of the products manufacturing cost, which Is a real shame because if they delivered a product as great as AloeInfusion, it would become a staple in almost every household.